Founder and Creative Director

of Frances Lea Dance Center

Frances Lea has been teaching for past 50 years. Of that time Ms. Joy has been by her side for more than half of those years. As a Norden Scholarship recipient, Ms. Lea earned a degree in Ballet and Theatre from Texas Christian University. She later performed in the Fort Worth Opera Ballet and Fort Worth Ballet. She performed on Broadway in shows in which she gained much experience along side stars such as Debbie Reynolds. She later performed on the Sonny and Cher Show and 32 Casa Manana Musicals. She went on to open her studio in Fort Worth where she later met Ms. Joy and developed a relationship both business and personal. Growing up with the love of Ballet, Ms. Frances introduced Ms. Joy to the many subjects of dance and urged her to study tap in New York and continue her dance education by her side. They are very pleased to work at a team to spread the love of dance.

Owner and Executive Director​

of Frances Lea Dance Center


Joy Guthmiller

Frances Lea

200 East Main StreetCrowleyTexas 76036, United States