JAZZ CLASSES                  

 All Ages

Black Jazz pants (Flared or straight)
Dance or Jazz Shorts (to be worn only with tights)
Any color leotard or jazz top
Black, Pink or Tan tights
Black Jazz shoes (Competition teams wear tan)

*Intermediate to advanced jazz will require split sole jazz shoes


9 yrs old and up                     

Follow the dress code for Ballet classes
Students may wear convertible or footless tights
Students may dance bare foot, wear foot thongs or foot undeez


Intermediate to advanced classes       Jazz top or assigned color of leotard and black jazz pants or dance shorts (to be worn only with tights)
Black or Tan Tights

                                                            ***FL Tappers and FL Jr. Tappers are required to have both jazz tap and heel tap shoes ***


All age groups                                     Any comfortable clothes
 If wearing pants make sure they are not too long          

White clogging shoes
If wearing jazz shorts you must wear tights

Any loose fitting pants and tight fitting shirts or camisole

Tennis shoes or black hip hop dance sneakers



Mommy and Me/Twinkle Toe :             Any color leotard and tights

Please no tutus or princess costumes

Pink ballet(Not black) shoes and black tap shoes

Elastic should replace ribbons in tap shoes

Hair should be pulled back in a pony tail with no hair in face

5-9 yrs old Ballet/Combo classes  
      Pink leotard and Pink tights
Leotards with attached skirts are acceptable

Pink Ballet(Not Black) shoes and Black Tap shoes
Elastic should replace ribbons in tap shoes
Exception: Mini Trooper Ballet/Tap class-these students may wear black leotards.

10-13 yrs old and Teen classes            Black leotards and pink tights           
A chiffon skirt of any color can be worn also
Pink split soles(Not Black) or Pointe shoes
Black “boy” shorts
Hair should be pulled in a ballet bun or pony tail –no hair in face (NO SKORTS OR JAZZ MINI SKIRTS)

Adult Classes                         

Any color leotard and tights

Capri pants or bike shorts are allowed
Pink Ballet(Not Black) shoes for ladies. For Men- black or white ballet shoes

Dress Code

The following dress code will be strictly enforced throughout the year. this will apply to all students.